National Security Council

Considering the leadership role of Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the National Security Council of Afghanistan has been created on the basis of Article 64 of the Constitution.

The National Security Council, led by the President, is the supreme institution entrusted with the authority of making decisions regarding national security, national interests, territorial integrity and national sovereignty. High-ranking government, civilian, military and security officials are members of the Council who perform their duties and responsibilities in line with constitutional provisions.

The Council defines, identifies and evaluates those domestic and foreign issues threatening national security and national interests and makes decisions accordingly. The Council, chaired by the President usually holds one meeting in a week to evaluate national security and approves policies, strategies, procedures and programs pertinent to security. Taking into account the security situation of the country, the Council calls for extraordinary meetings.

Objectives of the National Security Council:

  • To evaluate and identify domestic and international threats contradicting national interests and security and to make decisions leading to thwarting of those threats
  • To determine and approve national security and defense policies and supervise their implementation in line with the country’s important policies and political visions
  • To identify the strategic needs of Afghanistan’s security and defense sectors and accordingly resolve and approve them.